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e25 eMail Solutions

e25's expert team of software professionals provide all aspects of support for eMail.

Anti-SPAM Solution now available

Decide on Monday and stop SPAM by Tuesday.
Immediately reduce the impact of spam. Identify, quarantine and block spam and other malicious or undesired content before they hit your mailserver. Save money on bandwidth, server capacity, maintenance, and customer support. Prevent denial of service and other mailserver attacks. Decrease your support efforts by extending spam quarantine management and policy configuration to your customers. More Info Here!

Inhouse solutions:

Qmail is a perfect start for small to medium sized businesses while maintaining efficient growth to scale for high availability, high volume, load balanced, clustered environments.

The worries of using a free Internet software package can be reduced with support from our professional staff. We can help your organization utilize this excellent email package to it's fullest abilities.

e25 provides 24/7 remote qmail and *NIX based support. Contact us for information and prices via email at info@e25.com or call our main number (908) 864.5183.

Are you interested in purchasing a turn key email server? e25 can supply servers or rack mount units with a complete qmail installation. Take a look at our preconfigured hardware products.

e25 builds and supports small & large clustered email systems for sites that have low-high volumes or need high availability. We provide:

  • On site and remote installations.
  • Trouble shooting of tough problems.
  • Security set up and testing.
  • Anti-spam and anti-relaying configuration.
  • Setting up Qmail for Virtual hosting and virtual email accounts.
  • Mailing list configuration.
  • Remote administration and configuration.
  • System administration training.
  • Transition from using sendmail or windows based email packages.
  • Configuration of POP servers.
  • Web based qmail administration
We also provide installation, configuration and support of:
  • LDAP servers
  • DNS servers
  • Clustered, high volume, high availability systems.
  • High volume outbound email servers
  • Mysql servers
  • IMAP servers
  • Web servers
  • NFS servers
Go to your System Administration page for more details

For more info please call Steve at 908.864.5183.

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