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Comprehensive Email Threat Protection

For only pennies a day, e25's Spam Buster is the most comprehensive and effective email threat protection service on the market. We successfully block over 98% of spam with an industry leading low false-positive rate, while also eliminating viruses, worms and other unwanted content and threats!

Click for the e25 Anti-Spam Solution

Collaboration Tools Deployment & Administration

Are you lossing half your day to SPAM? Do you need a inhouse email solution We have completed several installations of high level email systems. We can help cut costs and install an inhouse email server with no limits on storage. Setup some SPAM & Antivirus filters to cut down on your incoming junk mail or just give you some advise on email. contact us. Professional experence in iPlanet, Exchange, qmail, sendmail, & all other popular MTAs. Click for more info

Wi-Fi Technologies

We can offer Long range connectivity solutions replacing that expensive telco last-mile run with a cost effective wireless solutions. Click for more info


Are you a small office with a few dozen or so phone lines, we can help sort things out.  Have you been a victim of downsizing and your phone bills have not gone down.  We can come in an analyze your existing infrastructure.  Services range from dealing with those telecom carriers (Verizon, Sprint, etc.)  to installing and mainting your data and voice circuits. We can also install and maintain several types of phone systems.  Have you considered moving to VoIP? Click for more info

e25 Web Hosting

e25 provides dedicated, secure web hosting services. We don't have dial in customers. Since part of our business is to secure internet sites, you are assured of the most up to date secure systems. Click for more info

Enterprise Portals

Looking for a Internet/Intranet Solutions, we can assist in finding the right design for your web site. Company E-mail, Bulletin Boards and Database Access are just some of the ways an Intranet can help your Company. With your own server, you can have complete control over your e-mail, set up a search engine, etc.  Small development packages are avail under our products section.  Other services include high level sites including, fully interactive public & private internet & intranet websites, customer service, employee self service, webmail and much more.  Click for more info

Domain Expertise

How to manage your domains can be a complicated task.  If you need help contact us, we can register domains, manage domains, assist in transfering domains, you name it we've done it. Click for more info

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