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Email Defense Portal

e25's Spam Buster’s customizable and easy-to-use Email Defense Portal is a centralized email threat management policy platform for administrators. Administrators have one interface for managing all email threats, protection and security. With the Email Defense Portal, you can easily configure and control your email protection and security.

Administrators are able to:
  • Configure policies that instructs e25's Spam Buster on how to handle viruses, spam, unwanted attachments and unwanted content.

  • Create customized message rules lists, including “Allow” and “Deny” lists (for message senders), as well as an “Exempt Users” list (for users and recipients).

  • Manage quarantines for the domain’s spam, virus, content and attachment quarantines.

  • View reports that summarize email threat activity, number of messages processed, spam levels, etc.

  • Troubleshoot issues using user activity information, an audit trail of actions taken, a summary of released messages by user, etc.

  • Set end user permissions and settings for password creation, aliases, Spam Quarantine reporting, etc.
Also, companies may choose to allow the end users access to the Portal. They will see their personal quarantine, allow and deny lists and setup options, and will not have access to the administrative functions.

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