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Customer Testimonials

End Users

“I am very impressed with the filtering service. My email had come to the point that it was almost unusable due to the junk I had to go through to pick out any valuable messages. For someone whose name is on email lists, it is very valuable to discard the ever-proliferating ads. I would recommend it to anyone who is plagued by too many unsolicited email messages.”
Gary C., End User

“I would just like to say that I LOVE this service. My supervisor was the one who ordered the service. I can't really say anything negative about it because I guess you could say "I've been spammed!" and I hate getting all this unwanted e-mail. I have tried to unsubscribe to a lot of what I am getting, but that was not working. Thanks to your quarantine service, I don't worry about it anymore.”
Cassandra W., End User

“Everyone here in our offices loves the new anti-spam service. Thank you!”
Melissa B., End User

"This service has made my inbox manageable. As a member of various email groups, I was getting inundated with spam - up to 100 messages a day! Now when I come into work I only receive email I need to read - not a ton of junk. "
Jess S., End User

“The spam went away and I continued to receive the mail I wanted. I love the daily quarantine report as well as it gives me peace of mind that legitimate mail is not being blocked.”
Joan S., End User

“This service has it all – it blocks spam and viruses and also allows me to control what information my employees are receiving via email using the content and attachment filters. This makes it much easier for my employees to focus on what needs to get done. Money well spent.”
Nicky S., End User

“I really like the quarantine report I receive daily. It makes it very easy to see which messages have been blocked. If there is a message I want, all I have to do is click a link and I can read the details and ensure that it does not get blocked again.”
Adam E., End User

IT Administrators

“While I have not personally been affected by the addition of the Email Defense Service (I have never had a piece placed into quarantine), I have asked around the two organizations that I have responsibility for and the reactions have been from positive to enthusiastic. I have done very little hand holding with users dealing with the emailed daily quarantine reports, so the system is well designed. As far as I'm concerned - the boost to productivity has been worth it!
Marshall W., IT Administrator

“I love this system! It makes dealing with my email much more efficient. It allows me to choose to open the email that is not necessary at a later time if I want to and keeps the priority mail more organized. I love how it catches the viruses as well. It must be preventing these emails to come through but shows me that they were there. Thanks for all of your help!
Scottie S., IT Administrator

“As the network administrator for our company, I love the fact that I have complete visibility and control over the service without having to run the software ourselves. Virtually no employee training was required to educate them on how to use this service. I have full access to pertinent information to answer any questions they may have. As well, I can control the system permissions they have to limit the functionality to the basics. On top of all this, the service stops almost all spam without blocking email that should get through!”
Amir N., IT Administrator

“My email support went down dramatically as I did not have to deal with employee complaints about receiving spam and viruses. Also, the fact that the service is so easy to use, I did not have to provide any real training. Everyone gets a daily quarantine report to tell them what has been blocked and that’s about it. It’s that simple.”
Stephen W., IT Administrator

“The system we previously had required people to constantly change their spam settings to block spam. This became a support nightmare and a hassle for users, as they couldn’t understand why the service couldn’t just do it automatically. With this service, people don’t have to make any changes to consistently block spam.”
Rick K., IT Administrator

“We previously had a spam system that required frequent customization of the filtering rules. This became a painful process as the rules quickly became ineffective and the product was not very useful. With the Email Defense Service, I don’t have to worry about updating the rules as it’s all done for me on their side.”
Jonathan P., IT Administrator

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