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e25's Spam Busterís service is powered by MX Logic and the Threat Center. The service architecture inherently provides a highly available and distributed pre-processing email filtering network which has the following unique characteristics:

In-line Message Streaming Our service architecture creates a proxy gateway for inbound email to the enterprise or destination mail host. The service never actually acknowledges receipt of an email message. Instead, it accepts the inbound email traffic with the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and immediately opens a connection to the destination recipient email server. Messages are then passed through the preprocessing filtering layers as they are streamed to the recipient SMTP server. Once the recipient messaging platform signals the acceptance of the inbound email, the accepted protocol message is then passed back to the originating SMTP sender. Legitimate messages are processed in a network stream environment and are never stored to disk by a third party.

High Availability and Zero Latency Message Delivery By leveraging a "pod" (N+1) architecture we provide carrier-class availability of filtering and delivery components. Messages traverse the network and transparently pass through complex filtering layers without latency. Sub-second processing provides for almost no delay, as messages are "proxy-streamed".

Component-based Filtering Layers Our Email Defense Service has several layers of filtering technology that provide component-level integration within the messaging stream. A single event channel provides for universal and distributed configuration for enabling cross-filtering layer communication. Modules and components subscribe and publish related data through the event channel, which provides native application distribution capabilities. Modules may be upgraded and revised without service interruption.

No Additional Hardware or Software Required e25's Spam Buster does not require any additional hardware or software. You simply point your MX record located within your DNS records to our inbound Message Transfer Agent (MTA). Recipient auto-discovery technology provides for a seamless method of managing end-user filtering data and policies with no additional integration.

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