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Sophisticated Quarantine

e25's Spam Buster filters all email coming to your inbox. To be effective, email filtering must keep harmful email out of inboxes, and avoid false positives. False positives are legitimate emails that are marked as spam. Our e25's Spam Buster consistently achieves industry-leading low false positive rates using “intelligent,” customizable spam filtering technology.

Email filtering technology must be comprehensive due to the growing complexity of spam and the individuality of valuable email. For example, you might view a travel newsletter as legitimate, whereas your friend or co-worker might think it is spam.

Quarantine process
Based on the guidelines that you or your corporation establishes our service will block spam, viruses and filter content and attachments and other email threats. Once filtered, the suspect messages are held safely in quarantine on your behalf. You, your corporate IT department, employees or both can use the quarantine to further customize the filtering process.

Setting rules around legitimate messages
Extending the ability for people to manage their quarantine helps reduce the amount of time IT managers spend dealing with spam. It also allows individuals to customize or “condition” their own message quarantine and ensures emails they view as legitimate are not quarantined.

e25's Spam Buster sends a Spam Quarantine Report to your inbox based upon your pre-established settings. This allows you to review the messages that have been identified as spam and provides the opportunity to further define the quarantine rules to meet your specific needs. Simply and quickly delete, forward, always allow, or always deny the messages contained in the report. To view a sample quarantine report, click here.

Keeping spam sensitivity rates high, false positives low
The ability to set highly-specific rules for the quarantine enables you to keep spam sensitivity rates high, while keeping false positives extremely low. By spending a few minutes during the first week of service reviewing and conditioning your quarantines, you can be confident that your policies are enforced, but that email communication remains optimized.

Keep your inbox clean!
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