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Spam Blocking

Now you can block up to 98% of spam with industry leading low false positive rates through the latest and most comprehensive spam filtering and email defense technology.

Multi-layer Spam Filtering
Five is better than two. Unlike most spam filtering solutions - which use one or two spam-classification techniques - we use a Stacked Classification Framework(SM) – that aggregates the five most effective spam filters and techniques in the industry. These include:
  • Bayesian Statistical Analysis – Statistical algorithms identify and quantify the possibility that an email message is spam. Bayesian analysis is based on how often certain spam-like elements within the email have appeared previously in other spam emails.

  • Heuristics Rules-Based Analysis - Thousands of proprietary “rules of thumb” recognize the characteristics of spam and measure them against incoming mail. These rules are written by threat technicians and are updated as new spamming methods are identified.

  • Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses - Takes a checksum or fingerprint, of all email messages it sees and places those fingerprints in a database. If the database recognizes a large number of exact matches or at least very similar fingerprints, those messages are more likely to be spam.

  • Black and White Lists - Maintained by users, these customized lists detail sites, individuals or IP addresses from which mail is and is not allowed.

  • HTML Shield Technology – This feature reduces the on-going influx of spam by blocking web beacons and bugs. These are methods used by spammers to monitor the reading of email and identify active mailboxes.
Each of these five filters dynamically calculates the spam probability of every message. Through an aggregation and analysis of these spam-likelihood scores, we offer an extremely effective spam blocking solution.

All suspect emails are moved into a quarantined area. Emails identified as spam are stored in this external area. You determine whether to remove, release or even safely view the suspect messages. All quarantined content is accessible through your spam quarantine report.

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